Work Environment

Working in a Beneficial Life capability team will give you unique experiences. This can be best illustrated from the values of our mission statement.

Invest Personally.
Each associate is personally invested in making sure the financial commitments made to our policy holders are honored. Each policy holder is a real individual to each Beneficial associate. This intense personal investment brings greater meaning and purpose to the work.

Work Together.
Beneficial employees have access to unlimited learning through organizational and individual memberships in numerous professional and industry organizations.

Pursue Excellence.
Each team’s ownership of specific critical functions means each associate’s contribution really counts. Associates are given a greater breadth of experience and responsibility than they might get at a large organization where the duties are more segmented.

Improve Lives.
Professional development is encouraged and facilitated both by on-the-job experiences and educational opportunities.

Champion Virtues.
We believe a respectful environment filled with people of integrity makes everything work better.

Align Actions.
Ultimately, overall business goals are shared in common and everything works together to benefit both our policy holders and the people who work at Beneficial Life Insurance Company.

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