Employee Development

Employee Development

Employee commitment and performance and a strong company succession plan are the keys to our future. As a result, Beneficial is committed to the personal and professional development of our employees. In fact, employee development is imperative in our long-term plan. We are committed to encouraging and valuing diverse points of view to energize our organization and broaden our outlook, as we implement our long-term planning initiatives.

Personal and Professional Development
We are committed to developing the skills and expertise of our employees. We offer educational assistance for employees pursuing undergraduate and advanced degrees. In addition, we offer industry study and opportunities that create high-performing employees.

Learning Resources
Beneficial employees have access to unlimited learning through organizational and individual memberships in numerous professional and industry organizations.

Job Posting Program
We are committed to equality of opportunity and clear, open channels of communication. Our employees are alerted when positions open, allowing them to apply and advance their careers, or to refer qualified candidates and receive a referral bonus if the candidate is hired.

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