Claims and Benefits

When a loved one with a Beneficial insurance policy passes away, please contact our Home Office at 1.800.233.7979. Your agent will help you handle the claims process. If you would prefer to file a claim yourself, call our customer service number at 1.800.233.7979 and speak with a claims customer service representative.

We will need the following information about the deceased: name, address, birth date, date of death, Social Security number, insurance policy number, name of spouse if living, and names of the beneficiaries. We will also mail you a copy of a claimant statement to be completed and returned to us. (A copy of this form may also be printed from the Policy Forms section of this site.)

To process a death claim, we will require the following:

  • Death certificate - certified copy
  • Insurance policy - original
  • Completion and return of a Beneficial Claimant Statement

It takes 10 working days to process a death claim. More processing time may be required for complex cases.

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