Policy Information

Policy Value Updates

Once each year you will receive a policy summary report. The report provides a year-to-date status of the policy values and the amount of the death benefit in your life insurance policy. Our customer service representatives can also provide you with an update or current status report of your policy. By having your policy number available when you call 1.800.233.7979, you can help speed up our research process.

If you want your policy dividends to pay your premium, you will need to call and ask for the dividend option before your policy anniversary date. Call your agent or a customer service representative to request a change in your dividend option.

Policy Loans

You may request a loan from your policy if there is adequate cash value in your policy. Call 1.800.233.7979 and ask for a request for policy loan or withdrawal form and we will mail it to you. (A copy of this form may also be printed from the Policy Forms section of this site.) Once we receive your request, it takes about three days to process your loan.

Policy Changes

Contact customer service at 1.800.233.7979 to make changes to your policy. Your agent may also be able to assist you. Changes may include the following:

  • Reissuing a policy
  • Reinstating a lapsed policy for nonpayment
  • Converting your policy, if it has that provision
  • Surrendering your policy

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