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Community Outreach Programs

Susan Denton,
Senior Investment Accountant and Community Service Chair, Home Office

“Beneficial has a long history of supporting charitable organizations such as United Way, American Heart Association, and Huntsman Cancer Institute. In celebration of the Company’s 100-year Anniversary in 2005, Beneficial thanked the communities in which we live and work by providing 100 days of service. Over the course of 100 days, employees, agents, and our family members provided 1,714 hours of service.”

“Planting trees, helping build a house, cleaning up a beach and a national park, assisting Special Olympians, serving meals to the homeless, and doing yard work for seniors were just a few of the projects we worked on. Each year we are invited to participate in a wide range of service activities as we work to address the needs of many sectors of our communities. Sponsoring the Rose Park Elementary Community Center, a gift by Beneficial to the northwest area of Salt Lake City, has opened up a myriad of service opportunities as we provide ongoing support for the center and the elementary students and their families.”